The twilight friend

Por: italo oliveira

The theologians try to explain to us how will be the future, yet, their technical terms restrain the understanding of the subject, this book does exactly the contrary, it theorizes that historical time over the eyesight of a characters called Hannah which has lived such horrors reading it we easily understand the church rapture the millennium and eternity time.

See following wherewith that is displayed.

The rapture of the church, by the sight of those who are taken.

Hannah looked at the water and at Marcus, amused with the scent of the freshness of that breeze on her face and the water on her feet.

He intently looked and her and saw that his hair stirred as if she took a sharp breath in his face, more like a sneeze, but she had not sneezed.

She looked around and saw thousands of white spots cutting the skies and going up nearby, in the water some people began to emerge and went up to heaven, she knew that they were people who had drowned in that lake. There were about five hundred people pouring from water at once.

She did not know why she knew the name and history of each of them, it was like they arose and their story was told in her mind. It seems to be in slow motion camera, climbing into the sky. She saw a beautiful blonde little girl, rosy face, about ten, getting out of the water; she looked straight at her, smiled and said:

– You are the next one, be a standstill, Jesus loves you.

She knew she had been dead for over 500 years ago, at that lake. Her parents were nomads and for some reason neglected her cares and she fell into the lake.

She stopped for a while and thought:

– What's going on? Looking around and didn’t saw her husband anymore, he had been down there. Down below…. – she thought: Down below….

– Then I'm flying! – She looked down and saw the lake getting smaller even and then. Down there, there it seemed that her husband was looking at her, just sitting beside her dresses.

She looked up and saw the clouds approaching on, it was like she was in an airplane without any ceiling or transparent, she hastily understood what was happening…. She was taken.

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Tema: Religião, Teologia, Escatologia Palavras-chave: church, eternity, evangelical, fiction, history, in, jesus., millennium, of, rapt, rapture, the


Número de páginas: 136
Edição: 1(2019)
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