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Beyond Human Sight!


Celestial Battle

Virtually everyone in the land independent of their religion or nationality recognizes that there is some sort of battle taking place in the world between the forces of good and evil.

It is a colossal struggle between Light and darkness, truth and error, oppression and freedom, good and evil, and finally, life and death.

What is the story behind this obvious paradox?

Many religions as well as the Bible teaches that beyond this three-dimensional veil of the physical world in which we live there is another spiritual world that we cannot see and in this invisible reality around us a Titanic

Battle is unleashed between the (Supreme Lord and Just), against the villain crueler and evil.

The big question is who are these characters and how and where did this cosmic crisis start?

This is the greatest mystery of all ages and the most fascinating and true story that has ever been told.

This crisis involves every person on earth, yes, and every person!

Cosmic Conflict

(The Origin of Evil)

The fall of Lucifer

Human history is replete with wars and conflicts that all people have experienced, but to understand the origin of evil we must travel back into the First World War.

Therefore, this war did not happen on earth, because even before our world had existed there was a war in heaven. Even though the word war in the sky sound like a contradiction.

It is almost imaginable to us that there could be battles and conflicts between God's creations in Paradise.

But what is the cause of this Celestial conflict?

Thanks to an ancient book called the Bible, we have enough details to be able to put the pieces together and untie some of us.

Even though tragic is an extraordinary and beautiful story of love that goes from the beginning of time to touching you personally, and me, and each individual on earth.

This story begins long ago, in the Capital of the Universe, in a place called Heaven that was filled with angelic beings who loved to do the God’s will.

Under the just and loving Government of God the Creator, all heaven enjoyed an existence of happiness and perfect peace.

The Supreme Prince of Paradise and Commander of the angels were the Mighty and Loving Son of God, better known by the name he adopted when Jesus came to earth.

He had the same purpose and thought as God the Father. Heaven under the compassionate command of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit proved to be a wonderful place of peace and joy.

In order to carry out God's orders, the Divine Tri-Unit was surrounded by a virtual ocean of innumerable ministering spirits, called Seraphim and Cherubim, better known as Angels.

These powerful and intelligent creatures discovered that happiness was in fulfilling the orders of the Almighty. But God created an extraordinary angel to act as leader with the whole heavenly multitude. The Bible tells us that its name was Lucifer which means Bearer of Light.

This Cherub was the greater being created by God and who assumed the position closest to God, being directly under the authority of Jesus.

The task of Lucifer was to spread the light and the knowledge of the goodness of God to all the other angels.

Lucifer was the most splendid being created by God, was extremely handsome and endowed with enormous powers of leadership and organization. Among the angels was much admired and loved as a friend, yet God foretold that Lucifer was about to enter the Kingdom of Light.

“Son of man, make a song of grief for the king of Tyre, and say to him, this is what the Lord has said: You are all-wise and completely beautiful; You were in Eden, the garden of God; every stone of great price was your clothing, the sardius, the topaz, and the diamond, the beryl, the onyx, and the jasper, the emerald and the carbuncle: your store-houses were full of gold, and things of great price were in you; in the day when you were made they were got ready. I gave you your place with the winged one; I put you on the mountain of God; you went up and down among the stones of fire. There has been no evil in your ways from the day when you were made, till sin was seen in you.” (Ezekiel 28:12-15)

When Lucifer saw his beauty and his power, his heart slowly began to change the new Order of Universal Communication – OUC, allowing your focus turned away from God and turned his love for himself. We may never know how and why these seeds of rebellion germinated in his heart, but the prophet Isaiah gives us a vision of Lucifer's thought.

“How great is your fall from heaven, O shining one, son of the morning! How are you cut down to the earth, low among the dead bodies! For you said in your heart, I will go up to heaven, I will make my seat higher than the stars of God; I will take my place on the mountain of the meeting-place of the gods, in the inmost parts of the north. I will go higher than the clouds; I will be like the Highest.” (Isaiah 14:12-14)

Lucifer slowly began to covet the Power of God, but not his personality, but in thinking of his own extraordinary abilities and beauty, his perverse tentacles of pride and vanity, froze his angelic mind.

This resentment and envy made him violated the Holy Law of God and rebels against his Government. We need to pause to clarify something, for from the beginning God commanded that the Laws of Physics govern the material world in which we live, and without these natural laws the Universe would be chaos.

In the same way are the moral laws of God, has always generated security and stability to the cosmos.

Some think that the Ten Commandments did not exist, until the Lord delivered them to Moses, on Mount Signal; but the Scriptures do not teach that the principles of the Law of God have always existed for all eternity, for it is the fundamental basis of His Kingdom of love.

“Let all the nations give praise to the Lord: let all the people give him praise. For great is his mercy to us, and his faith is unchanging forever. Praise is to the Lord.” (Palms 117:1-2)

The Ten Commandments are the summary of the characteristics of a loving God. The first four commandments describe who God is, His Power, His eternity, and His authority. Therefore, the last six commandments describe how God is, His honesty, His purity, and His faith.

All these things have always been true, and will always be true. Now, for the first time in the history of eternity, Lucifer began to violate these perfect principles. Lucifer knew that if he were to share the Power and Status of God he would need support, and started the work.

He began sneaking around among the other angels planting seeds of doubt and discontent about God's leadership, while subtly revealing his own virtues.

He reported that God abused His Supreme Power and that His Laws restrained the true freedom and happiness of His creatures. With his bold reasoning and power of influence Lucifer can persuade a large number of angels to unite for his riot.

Perhaps the question arises: How could so many intelligent angels follow this rebellious defector? It is good to remember that up to this point no angel had heard a single lie. And in this early stage of rebellion the angels did not realize Lucifer's obsession with assuming the position of God.

They did not yet know that, finally, he would plan the torture and murder of the Son of God on the cross, next to the dispensation of future eternity with the intention to occupy His Throne. Strangely, Lucifer thought he could hide from the true purposes of God.

“Cursed are those who go deep to keep their designs secret from the Lord, and whose works are in the dark, and who say, who sees us? And who has knowledge of our acts?” (Isaiah 29:15)

Do not think for even a moment that Lucifer's rebellion surprised God or has been caught him unawares.

The Lord knows all things and probe the thought of his creatures, and he understood exactly what was going through the mind of Lucifer, but lovingly, God warned the fugitives Angel danger.

On the other hand, in the end, pride and vanity did not allow Lucifer to repent. Then, the total rebellion against God began, on the contrary, from the humble obedience of the rebellious angel.

Some may even ask the following: This means that God created a defective angel. Not! But He created Lucifer with free will. You will see that free will is a wonderful thing, but also very dangerous, including the risk of rebellion and the possibility that God's love may be rejected.

See that real love cannot flow from a preprogrammed creature - it cannot be forced, but rather, voluntary effect.

Example: Even if it is cute any kind of toy, like a robot puppy; in fact, you can never love, it may appear to live and be real with your movements, but you are only following preprogrammed instructions.

On the other hand, a real animal shows real affection when this contact generates a relational bond and tends to grow as long as we love and care for it.

Therefore, a God of love only desires the true love of his creatures, in order for that to happen they must have free will. The Lucifer rebellion is the most evidence that he had this parole.

Now the big question remains: How would God deal with this crisis? How would you deal with Lucifer and the millions of angels who joined in this rebellion?

There are still other questions, such as: Why did not God soon end this rebellion? After all, he could just vaporize Lucifer with lightning. But would that have solved the problem? Of course not!

On the contrary, this would only have intensified the doubts and suspicions that Lucifer had planted in the minds of the angels.

Remember that Lucifer knew how none of the internal gear of the Government of God and their destruction would be seen as part of a large clam or the reason and to serve God would be the fear of reprisal and not love.

But God knew that by his infinite wisdom the best way to deal with the crisis was to allow everything to go its normal course this would be the only way to ensure that evil would no longer rise again.

“Let them come up together till the getting in of the grain; and then I will say to the workers, take up first the evil plants, and put them together for burning: but put the grain into my store-house.” (Mathew 13:30)

In the parable of the Tares and Wheat Jesus describes: that a time of growth is necessary for a plant to reveal its true nature - in its infinite understanding God knew by the time that the real character of Lucifer would be exposed. And that the bitter fruits of his rebellion would be seen.

So far, the citizens of the Universe were not familiar with sin, or even where they would take them.

But that would change, when they saw for themselves their terrible self-destructive nature. At the end the wisdom and love of the Government of God would forever be confirmed, and the Universe would be safe.

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