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INRI Christ

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Crazy, Liar or Messiah?

Por: Henri Cosi

INRI means Jesus Nazarene Kings of the Jews. The content of this ebook is not a religious doctrine, with dogmas and teachings to convert people into a new religion or a new church. In fact, Inri founded his church in 1982, when he invaded the Se’Cathedral, city of “Belem”, Brazil, climbed on the altar, took the doll from the cross and broke it on the floor, claiming that he was reincarnated and is back on earth. His new church, called SOUST (“Supreme Universal Order of the Most Holy Trinity”), contains few disciples, very few followers around the world, and has no ornamentation like Catholic churches. There he does not try to convert new believers and does not require tithes, like priests and pastors. Even though he founded a new church, this book presents his story impartially.

The book’s internal discussions refer to reflections on the true nature of Inri Christ. In the end, as an expert psychologist, I did a full psychological assessment on him, for about a year. My psychodiagnosis included the application of the Rorschach personality test (better known as the inkblot test). The book is divided into five parts.

In the first there is the prologue with photos, the introduction with photos, where I explain everything about the book and what I did with Inri. There are also two chapters where I expose certain social reflections in the area of psychology and the Bible, when I question whether Jesus Christ happened to exist or is a myth.

In the second I talk about the messianic question, in which I expose in a rational way, even to atheists, about the Divine, the Cosmos, Universe, Infinite, human gods, human nature from the metaphysical point of view, and finally I present my concept what would be the “Messiah”. At the end of this part I leave an interview of mine exposed, in which I asked 38 main questions to Inri Christ, and he gave his respective answers. The interesting thing for an eventual evangelical reader, or even a Christian Catholic, is that Inri quotes in his answers several passages from the bible (of the gospels), that is, the complete chapters and verses. Among the questions are Dan Brown's Davinci (or Da Vinci) Code, Mary Magdalene, the Virgin Mary, the end of the world (which he says will be with a nuclear hecatomb), abortion, the new Jerusalem of the apocalypse etc.

In the third part, which is about the title “Liar” (and its various synonyms, such as charlatan, fake, phony, deceitful, trickster etc.), I first illustrate, in an illustrated way, the main and most relevant points of the life story of Inri Christ, even when he was arrested in "Belem", after the invasion of the church. I also show, with photos, the day he invaded the Vatican and entered St. Peter's Basilica, giving sermons as he did in "Belem". Then I make an explanatory compilation about Lies and the nature of Liar. Finally, I present to the reader the result of my non-verbal analysis, verbal evaluation and anamnesis on Inri Christ, showing whether he is indeed a fraud or not.

In the fourth part, which is about the title “Crazy” (and its various synonyms, like hallucinated, insane, mentally ill, schizophrenic, psychotic, etc.), I give a brief introduction about psychopathology and mental disorder (psychological disorder), by understandable way for laypeople. Then I present the complete clinical report of Inri Christ. Soon after I expose the result of the Rorschach test, where it is possible to check whether or not Inri suffers from some hallucination, delirium, mania of greatness, psychosis (or schizophrenia), among other crucial personality factors.

In the fifth and last part, I begin with the conclusion, where I summarize the entire path of the book and present my psychological diagnosis, answering the question of the book's title. At the end I leave an appendix for those interested in knowing the more detailed criteria on how to assess normality and insanity, in addition to leaving the raw result of his responses for each Rorschach board.

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