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Encyclopedia 727

Volume 1

Por: Sérgio Gonçalves

It's one of the most famous and important planes in history and Boeing's first best-seller, the best-selling commercial jet for 2 decades. The Boeing 727 is an aviation icon! Its grandiose story will be told through an equally special work: the Encyclopedia 727, with separate editions in English, Portuguese & Spanish, in print or digital versions, exclusive to the Kindle platform.

For the first time in history, an entire encyclopedia dedicated to a single plane! The 5 volumes will tell the complete story in 1,680 pages, with more than 3,200 photoreal and exclusive profiles from Encyclopedia 727, showing the plane in each livery worn by the airlines that have operated it in the more than 58 years of use of the model to date.

All books will also have digital content that can be accessed via QR code and the sections will be regularly updated on data bout the aircraft still in operation and other relevant information, which can be downloaded in PDF and printed, keeping your Encyclopedia 727 up to date.

In the volume 1 you will learn about the scenario in which the 727 was conceived, behind the scenes at Boeing before the decision to build this jet (the famous billion dollar battle), the early designs, the project, prototypes and tests through to final certification and its success story, including the successful sales strategy of Boeing, which made the model reach to the record 1,832 units sold. Volume 1 also brings the main 727 operators in the world, by continents and a special section on aircraft operated in Brazil, with the history of the companies that flew the model and each of the trijets operated in the Tropics from 1970 to 2021.

Volume 1 has 360 pages and is now available worldwide in English and Portuguese. Spanish will be released in 2022. For Brazil, you can buy at Clube de Autores and selected book distributors. There are two versions, you can buy paperback or hardcover.

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R$ 268,87

Tema: Enciclopédia, Aviação, Transporte, Referência, Geografia E Historia Palavras-chave: 727, aircraft, airliner, aviation, boeing, history, trijet


Número de páginas: 358
Edição: 1(2021)
Formato: A4 210x297
ISBN: 9786599628061
Coloração: Colorido
Tipo de papel: Couche 150g

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