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Safih Quelbèrt

Bio: Psychologist since 1993, I worked with adult care until 2019, but in parallel, I always had an artistic ability in my veins.

​In 2008 I launched 2 online stores: Griffe Safih Quelbèrt & Beads 4 Meditation, working on both sides: the internal/emotional side of each client, as well as therapist, and also with the outside, dealing with fashion trends, offering women's shoes and accessories in my online store, at the same time.

​From this experience in the fashion industry for 13 years, also working with psychology, I was listening to the woman's willing, expectations, frustrations, their shadows... On the other hand, as I know what sometimes the media in general causes into their minds, letting them think that to be an amazing woman, sensual, to have beauty, they need to do this, that, so I decided to do a kind of therapy through my photos, showing them that the real beauty is a matter of be happy with what we are at moment. The outfit, or place, or whatever, it's a detail. In fact this glow comes from inside, from acceptation, being comfortable, accepting their wrinkles, the maturity, being proud of each detail that the time propiciated to them, instead complain. Is a matter of view, choosing which view you wanted to take to yourself as a reality.

From this, I won several contests all over Europe, UK and USA, then I decided to release a book, available in January/2022: "The Art of my Classy Nude - Unveiled - The glow that they radiate from inside, to the men who seek to admire this light", sharing my trajectory as well as all the photos I released since last year/2021 til now, whose the main goal is to inspire the inner beauty of all women, during all their ages, bringing to all spectators, the beauty which was lost long time ago.

Bellow, you can follow some places that my photos was chosen to be exhibited in many countries around the world:

 "Mostly White' - Dodho magazine - Digitally exposed - July, 18 - August 31, 2021

"Your Best Shot" at Laurent Gallery, Melbourne, Australia - September 10-12, 2021

"Art of Black & White" at The Photography Show, Birmingham - September, 18-21,2021

"Solo - Single Subject" at Espaço Espelho Dagua, in Lisbon, Portugal - November 5, 2021

" The Creative Composition" at Stills: Center for Photography, Edinburgh, UK - November 18- 20, 2021

 Solo - Single Subject’ – Digitally showcase at the Stills: Centre For Photography, Edinburgh, United Kingdom – Nov/18-20 - 2021

 ‘Powerful Lighting’ – at ‘Indian Habitat Centre’, New Delhi, India - November 26-30, 2021

 ‘‘Mostly Black’ - Digitally showcase at digitalcamaeraworld.com/2021.

 ‘Feeling Photogenic’ - Digitally showcase at digitalcamaeraworld.com/2021.

 “Your Magazine Shot.” - Digitally showcase at digitalcamaeraworld.com/2021.

 “Best of Black & White” -Digitally showcased at Praxis Gallery in Minneapolis – December, 3 /5, 2021 

Art of Photography' - live exhibition at Blank Wall Gallery, - Athens - 14-16 Jan/2022

 ‘Very Best of Black & White’ - Digitally showcase at Bridgeport Art Center – Manhattan – Jan 18 – Feb 20/2022 

"Photographer of the Year" - Bridgeport Art Center - Chicago/USA - Jan 21 to Feb 18/2022

'Dramatic Lighting" - BBA Gallery - Berlim - 28 - 30 January 2022

Digitally showcase in FotoZA Gallery in Johannesburg, South Africa - 18-20 February, 2022

"My Best Shot" - showcased in Valid World Hall, Barcelona, Spain - 25-27 March 2022

"Creative Composition" - Bangkok Art & Culture Center - April, 5-10/2022

"Best of Black & White" - Blank Wall Gallery - Athens , Greece - April/2022

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