The Escorpian

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Por: Luz de Miel

10/23 - 11/21. In the ancient Egyptian horoscope: from 16/10 - 15/11.

Skorpius as zodiacal sign symbolizes the magic or occult power, clairvoyance, eternity. In numerology is represented by the power of number: eight symbolizing the achievement of objectives, and the apocalyptic number: seven symbolizing a cycle that culminates in the transformation.

Additional numbers: One - Three - Nine.

Astros regents.

Pluto the house of secrets, the planet of transformation, of genius, of holiness. It influences mysticism, introspection. Negatively it can lead to self-destruction, to madness.

Mars home action, influences the strong temperament that leads to Scorpio to get what you want. Negatively causes fights and wars.

Sun star that gives life, gives the Scorpio an intense life and deep feelings. Negatively is very suspicious.

Planets additional:

Jupiter the planet of justice and spirituality.

Saturn gives you discipline and perfection.

∞ Element: water symbolizing the depths of the soul.

Metal: gold symbolizes power and stronger metals such as steel, platinum, radium, plutonium.

Stone, symbolizing the spirituality: amethyst, PURPLE, bright.

Colors: symbolizing spirituality: purple, lilac, violet. PUR´LE, The color red granting power and passion. Nuance with orange, yellow, gold, silver, and white. The colorless or black should blend with white to favor.

Perfume: carnation, patchouli, pine, sandalwood.

Herb: lemon balm, mint, peppermint, chamomile.

Flower: poppy, hibiscus, cactus flower, swamp flowers and mountain.

Power: Scorpio is inclined to the natural food produced in tropical lands in the sunlight.

Diseases: should care genital and urinary tract, kidneys, garg tapir.

∞ Trend: kind, but not sociable, likes to think more than talking. Inability to make a fortune and raise children. Ability to fight with optimism and perseverance for your goals, solitarily not to be enslaved. Scorpio is very intuitive, sensitive, strong, disciplined, bears the setbacks of life, cares a lot, rarely gets sick seriously.

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Tema: Filosofia, Drama, Diversos Palavras-chave: escorpian, the


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