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Guide to succulents

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Step-by-step manual for care and repair

Por: Jideon F Maruqes

The chapters in The Succulent Manual contain detailed sections on the most important topics:

Basic Tips: First, you'll learn about the basic care tips and growing cycles so you have a solid understanding of how to keep succulents alive and happy. This is vital to being able to troubleshoot any problems you may run into along the way.

Make More Sucs: There are many varieties of succulents that can provide a lifetime supply of plants for you and others from just one plant! You'll learn about propagation by leaves, division, cuttings, and seeds.

Succulent SOS: Stretched plants, leaf-drop, pests…the 'Symptoms' section will help you identify problems with your succulents, while the following section 'Take Action' provides solutions and repair tips.

Regional Tips: Your climate and location have a major influence on the obstacles you may run into. This chapter covers the various regional and seasonal challenges. Yes, you can pick more than one section—at least three apply to me!

The Succulent Manual also includes identification tips, care tips and instructions on building a garden bed for in-ground succulents, a buying guide for plants and supplies, a Knowledge Bank, glossary, and other useful advice.

There's something admirable about a succulent's ability to thrive without our interference and to bounce back from certain death despite our ignorance. It makes us feel like we're doing something right, though it's usually just the plant's tenacious nature to survive kicking in. But wait. We must be doing something right if a succulent is strong enough to keep growing, right? Right! A little bit of wisdom goes a long way in the garden and that's what this guide is all about. These insights will help you learn what your succulents are telling you, whether it's:

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