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Holistic medicine in China

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learn to use Qigong, acupressure and herbal remedies for natural healing

Por: Jideon F Marques


This book teaches a theory and practice of two natural healing methods used in China. Every branch of Chinese medicine is holistic, but there are countless beds of possible holistic interconnection. To achieve greater synergy, they must be integrated in accordance with the principles contained herein. So these methods are used with greater advantages in China, with some variations, as you can learn them Chapter 1 and everywhere


The book is presented in two distinct parts, more closely intertwined, and follows the guidance of many wise professors who have the privilege of knowing over decades of study. Two central ideas were repeatedly found and, some teachers embodied them as formulas in a different way, the essential meanings were always the same.

The first central idea is “To learn any practice or discipline, you need both a solid intellectual understanding and a solid foundation in its practical application.” Everyone agrees that one's own practice (Qigong, Taiji, healing exercises, acupressure) or the application of the method (acupuncture, herbal medicine, food therapies) is the ultimate goal. Greater intellectual understanding may support greater practical ability, but it is valuable to the extent that it serves to promote that enterprise. If not, it may provide some interesting conversations, but it won't tangentially improve your health and life.

A second central idea is “Mastery means mastery or basic.” Basic principles are the reason for theory and practice. A broad, solid foundation provides stability for quality construction and growth. Even if you choose to build only one base, that will be your base in any time of difficulty.

PART 1, “Teorias Fundamentais da Medicina Chinesa”, presents the theoretical foundations of all Chinese medical science and philosophy. Embora is not as detailed as a medical book, it is quite extensive for two reasons. It provides the intellectual core necessary to understand and realize, and deeply familiarize the Western reader with a different way of seeing the world, from a Chinese perspective. The concepts and practices taught throughout this book arise from a cultural perspective and, if we want to learn to apply those practices in our daily lives, it will be necessary to make some effort to abandon our own cultural preconceits and see things with new eyes. The details in Part 1 are intended to facilitate that change in perception.

A majority of

PART 2, “Holistic Self-Care with Chinese Medicine,” carefully teaches the practical foundations of two Chinese holistic self-care methods using the principles learned in Part 1 and offers plenty of room to grow as you become more adept at each. Doing practices regularly is the most important thing and, in the final analysis, leads to the domain, giving you the simple, most valuable and effective options to assume or control your health in a variety of natural and holistic ways. These are methods that you can use forever and that greatly reduce the likelihood of needing to see any doctor, whether Chinese or Western.

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