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Sweet recipes for your electric pressure cooker Instant desserts

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Por: Jideon F Marques


Everyone knows the Instant Pot is fantastic at cranking out soups, whole grains, and tender meat, but what about desserts? Not only can the device make top-notch cheesecakes, but it can make a whole book’s worth of desserts. This book, in fact. From puddings to cakes to pies to cobblers, you can make all the included sweet treats in an electric pressure cooker with minimal extra equipment.

Other than the pure novelty of making a bundt cake in a computerized multi-cooker, there are a few good reasons for cooking desserts in an Instant Pot. Have you ever wanted dessert but couldn’t justify making an entire cake for just a few people? Or have you ever made a fancy dessert for a dinner party and were stuck with way too much left over? Since everything has to fit inside the modestly-sized pot, most recipes in this book serve 8 or fewer, with many serving only 3 or 4. There’s even a crème brûlée recipe for one!

Plus, while your last course is cooking away in the pot, you’ve got the oven and stove free for making dinner. It makes multi- tasking easy as can be and is extra handy when entertaining.

Lastly, since pressure cookers lock in moisture and heat, they create a perfect steam environment without heating up your kitchen. Most desserts require baking and can turn the whole room into an oven on a hot day. Rather than swearing off all sweets except ice cream for the summer, use the pot to make a memorable dessert.

I’ll be the first to say that pressure cookers are not good for cooking everything, just like you can’t make everything well in a microwave or on a stove. They are, however, excellent for making rice puddings, cheesecakes, custards, steamed cakes and pies, flans, and cobblers. You’ll be surprised by the beautiful and delicious desserts that will emerge from your Instant Pot.

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