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Succulent Gardening A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners and Advanced to Grow Beautiful, Long-Lasting Succulents

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Por: Jideon F Marques


Succulents have grown in popularity year by year, and that’s not surprising.

They’re easy to care for, tenacious and interesting to look at. Full of wonders unlike any other plant, succulents can real y pique our curiosity.

Succulents evolved in dry regions with little rainfal , branching off into many diverse varieties. Their harsh native environments forced them to store water inside themselves. You might say that their charming, plump leaves, stems, and roots are the product of their accumulated survival skil s. Because they seem so adaptable and self-sufficient, some people tend to think that succulents don’t need water or attention. But easy as they are to grow and care for, they’re still living organisms, with needs that must be met in order for these captivating plants to thrive.

This book was written for novices who want to try growing a succulent or two. I’ve selected 21 popular varieties, and have explained the basics of caring for them in a way that’s easy to understand, with plenty of il ustrations and photos to help guide you.

“How should I water my plants?” “What kind of soil should I choose?”

“Where should I keep my plants?” Even these most basic of questions will be explained as thoroughly as possible. With this book, you’ll have the fundamentals you need for growing beautiful, healthy succulents.

And if, because of this book, you’ll be growing and enjoying succulents for years to come, there will be no greater.

Ebook (epub)
R$ 49,61

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