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La Bible de la Liberté

Por: Éliphas Lévi

"The Prince" is a political treatise written by the Italian diplomat and philosopher Niccolò Machiavelli in the early 16th century. The book is considered a classic work on political theory and is known for its pragmatic and often controversial advice on leadership and governance.

Divided into 26 chapters, "The Prince" primarily focuses on the acquisition and maintenance of political power by rulers. Machiavelli's approach is highly realistic and he offers guidance to leaders on how to navigate the complex and often ruthless world of politics. He argues that rulers should prioritize the stability and security of their states, even if it means employing cunning and ruthless tactics.

One of the key concepts introduced in the book is the idea that the ends justify the means. Machiavelli encourages rulers to be flexible and pragmatic, advocating for actions that may be considered morally questionable if they ultimately lead to the preservation of power. The book also emphasizes the importance of understanding the nature of power, recognizing and responding to changing circumstances, and the strategic use of force and diplomacy.

"The Prince" is often seen as a departure from traditional political philosophy, as it challenges notions of virtue and morality in leadership. While some view Machiavelli's work as a cynical and amoral guide to politics, others see it as a realistic assessment of the challenges faced by rulers in a harsh and competitive world.

Overall, "The Prince" remains a significant and influential work in the realm of political thought, sparking ongoing debates about the relationship between ethics and politics.

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Tema: Filosofia / Religião, Condições Econômicas, Filosofia, Economia, Direito Palavras-chave: philosophy, politics


Número de páginas: 67
Edição: 1(2024)
Formato: A4 210x297
Coloração: Preto e branco
Acabamento: Brochura s/ orelha
Tipo de papel: Polen

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