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An easy and complete recipe book for hearty and delicious

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soups and stews!

Por: Jideon F Marques


Do you remember what your Grandma’s kitchen smelled like when she was making soup or stew? I’ll bet you do – it smelled wonderful. And I’ll bet you’d love to have those same smells wafting through your own kitchen.

Maybe you never took the time to watch what Grandma was doing. After all, didn’t you have a life of your own? Now you wish you’d learned how she made soups and stews from scratch, but Grandma is, sadly, long gone.

I’m here to help. This book contains recipes that reflect all manner of cultures and ethnicities, and some that are distinctly American. If you’re vegetarian or vegan, you won’t find a LOT of recipes that will stick to that diet. But if you’re an unabashed carnivore, you’ll find plenty that’s pleasing.

Before you start making these recipes, I want to tell you that my own grandmother informed me that there were some things that were essential to making a good soup or stew. “First,” she said, “Start with a good stock. Then use fresh herbs whenever you can. If you have to use dried, make sure they haven’t been too long on the shelf.”

I agree with her on the stock – homemade is best, but if you’re not up to making your own stock, at least use a good commercial one. She was also right on the herbs.

And there was one other thing she told me was absolutely essential in any soup or stew. She always said, “Cook with love. If you don’t add love, then nothing you make will turn out the way it should.” As you make these recipes, do what my grandmother suggested – always cook with love.

Ebook (epub)
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